Incredible You Packet of Love

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This is a packet of love for your friends & family, notes of love & laughter & appreciation. The packet includes five stories & drawings & notes that are all about how happy you are to know them & love them for all they bring to this world of ours.

You'll notice that we haven't shown the contents of this Packet of Love, except for just a little teaser. It's because we want your people to be surprised & if we put it all here, they'll know exactly what they're going to get & where's the fun in that? Just know that there are great stories & notes & a drawing (or two). If you want, you can open it up & take out notes that don't work & put in other notes yourself until you get the perfect packet of love exactly for them. Think of it as a great starting point to tell your people you love them...

To top it off, there's a dose of special confetti in there, because love will always & forever be a celebration!

(By the way, if there's such a thing as a custom confetti, this is it. We took a base of regular confetti & then mixed in a bunch of prints that we were going to recycle. It makes a fabulous party with all the hundreds of stories floating around in there. :)


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