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#2030 Vellum Original

throwing off a few dramatic poses every few minutes in case there's a reality show filming anywhere nearby

#2031 Vellum Original

This is a new kind of supplement that is good for your heart & joints & turns you into someone else in the bedroom (which is all good, especially if that someone else is quiet enough that I can get a full night's sleep)

#2032 Vellum Original

Protecting freedom & whatever else they can get their hands on before everyone else comes to their senses & votes them out of office

#2036 Vellum Original

Preschoolers brainstorm new names for the eco-movement & it turns out pretty much how you'd expect

#2037 Vellum Original

Diana, goddess of the hunt, in the frozen food section because it's been a long day & there's a limit to how much hunting she'll do

#2044 Vellum Original

this is the guy who discovered dirt.  Before that, the whole place was wrapped in plastic & none of the moms let you sit there because they wanted to keep it clean for company

#2048 Vellum Original

even after all these winters, I see you sitting there.  Perched on your chair in the sunlight, feeling like the invitation of Spring

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