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#1576 Vellum Original

Tired of being here, so they're hiding from their parents in the tv.

#1989 Vellum Original

The only problem I have is that black is so slimming that I keep falling between the seat cushions

#1997 Vellum Original

Did you ever notice how weird life can get when there's people involved?  He said & I said it was one of the first things I picked up on & he laughed & I knew he'd be fine

#2003 Vellum Original

Work never bothered me, he said, I can sit & watch people for as long as it takes

#2004 Vellum Original

Art in the Age of Global Anxiety.  This is a statue looking over its shoulder, because even if it was good in the past, now there are a hundred other statues from China & India that are just waiting to eat its lunch

#2006 Vellum Original

House Hold Olympics for Boys   Event #5: who can stuff the most laundry in the washing machine?

#2015 Vellum Original

willing to be put on a pedestal at a moment's notice 

esp. if it gets her out of having to cook

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