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Extra Room Prints

On the day you open your heart to a dog, don't be surprised when the whole rest of the world starts to fit in there, too.

True North Prints

One of the things I love best is how much laughter we find together no matter which direction we go.

Favorite Gift Prints

My favorite gift I ever got from my mom was laughter in the face of a serious world & if I ever had to do it all over again, I'd definitely ask her for the same thing.

Your Light Prints

Let me say this clearly because it is time to remember: you are always the light you see by & if it is dark in the places you look it is only because you still pretend the light will have to come from someone else.

Rules for Living Prints

The complete up-to-date rules for living the life you want to live (never before revealed in this particular form): 1. Say yes to things that bring you joy. 2. Say no to things that don't. 3. If you're tempted to say maybe, say no.

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