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Action Item Prints

Important action item: There's a part of you that feels the joy that's right here all around you all the time & just so you know, you don't really have to get all that other stuff done first before you pay attention to it.

Adaptation Prints

Sneaking up on a bottle of wine in its natural habitat (which is my kitchen table. Nature seems to be adaptable that way.)

Big Enough Prints

All I can say is thank you for all the times you kept seeing me until I was big enough to see me myself.

Breathe In Prints

I breathe you in & there it is again, my heart saying thank you for this whole life that brought me here to you.

Certain Choices Prints

One day, you just decide to be certain (which is not the same as knowing everything). Decide that what you know is exactly what you need to know & then you start. Whatever it is. Start & be certain you'll learn as you go. People act like certainty is an illusion. It's not. It's a choice & it changes your whole life.

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