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The Gift of You Prints

When you start to crack open, don't waste a moment gathering your old self up into something like you knew before. Let your new self splash like sunlight into every dark place & laugh & cry & make sounds you never made & thank all that is holy for the gift, because now you have no choice but to let all your love spill out into the world.

Beautiful Things (F) Prints

Once, there was a girl who wanted to change the world & at first, she thought it'd be easy, because if everyone could see how beautiful it'd be, it'd take about a minute, but all the people she talked to were too busy to stop & listen. So, she went off & did beautiful things all on her own & pretty soon people were stopping & asking if they could come along & do that, too & that's how she figured out how worlds change.

Mermaid Heart Prints

I know a mermaid who lives in a white house far from the sea & I watch her sometimes when she is distracted by the wind, or the sound of rain & I see her eyes glisten as she feels the pull of wild things that live in us all & I wish in that moment we could all feel how much love there is in a mermaid's heart because I think we'd sink to our knees & thank all that is holy for her beloved world

The Reason Why Prints

We sat at the edge of the world & you asked me to tell you why & though a thousand things came to mind, underneath them all was a quiet voice saying, Because you remind me of everything there is in this world to love.

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